What's New

What’s New 7.2.2

  • Fix for adding your own colors
  • Fix for counters on iPad
  • Fix for resizing cell selection box
  • Show PDF as spreadsheet
What's New

What’s New 7.2.0

Create your own symbols

  • Quickly select materials like needles and yarn weight
  • Exclude image from PDF
  • Set image as cover for PDF
  • Place legend on new PDF page
  • Fix for inverting
  • Fix for undo after swapping symbols
  • Fix for undo when placing imgaes
  • Fix for drawing over existing cables
What's New

What’s New v7.1.1

  • This update includes a lot of changes in working with PDF patterns.
  • It’s more intuitive to place and edit objects on top of your document.
  • Use the thumbnail panel to edit and reorder pages.
  • Changes to chart settings.
What's New

What’s New v7.0.2

Fix for flipping cells

  • Extra options when dropping a notes object: image or web link.

What's New

What’s New v7.0.1

  • You can now send images to the background below the grid, this makes it easier to convert or trace an image.
  • The options when creating a new project changed.

What's New

What’s New v7.0.0

  • Knitting Chart now automatically saves versions of your current document in the folder ‘Autosave’ on your device.
  • Place quick notes on charts you’re designing or on PDF patterns you’re following.
  • Use your Apple Watch to control active row counters.

And some smaller changes like:

• More options when tapping and holding on symbols and colors in the paint tool

• Updated legend, change the order in the panel

• Set the start and finished date of your project in the timer

• Double sided technique will generate a second chart with inverted colors on the wrong side

What's New

What’s New v6.2.3

  • Advanced counters, link your counters together, for instance to keep track of repeats, or show an alert when you reach a certain row.
  • Project timer, keep track on how long you spend on a project, or calculate when it will be finished.


  • Fix for swapping from / to empty cells
  • Updates for single row view
What's New

What’s New v6.2.8

  • Fix for long notes text extending PDF pages
  • Few new symbols


  • Fix for custom colors mix up with multiple devices and multiple charts
  • Latest chart changes not saved when adding another chart
  • Reveal the app’s system iCloud folder
  • Show read only welcome page preview
What's New

What’s New v6.2.6

  • Use Siri to interact with the Working Mode! Want to keep your hands free while knitting? Use Siri to go to the next row or to reset the counter.
  • Add commands using the main app settings


  • Open files from other locations (like Safari)
  • Crash on close due to forcing > 0 row counters
  • Siri request authorization later
  • Show Siri button only once
What's New

What’s New v6.2.4


  • Autorestore of In App Purchase
  • Rotation fix for some vector symbols
  • Added Siri shortcuts donations for Working Mode