What's New

What’s New v6.0.4

  • Improvements for color matching when converting an image
  • Extra knit symbols, the complete set of craft yarn council is now available
  • Lock your charts or PDF files to prevent unwanted changes
  • Fix for selected technique not saved after creating a new file
  • Fix for changing additional info text of symbols
  • Fix for tap and hold on textfield at bottom of chart
  • Fix for scrolling PDF thumbnails
  • Removed is loading text from freeform charts
  • Newly created and archived projects contain all charts
  • Updated feedback form with option for attachment
  • Swipe left on a archived project for detailed data info

What's New

What’s new v6.0.3

Some features were added before, but there were so many (bigger) changes I’ll highlight them for this version:

  • Place symbols aligned on a square on line (freeform charts). Tap and hold on a existing group to edit the number of symbols, or the symbol used for the group.
  • Tap and hold on a text field to add a bracket (to mark a repeating section in your chart).
  • Tap and hold on a cell selection to swap colors and symbols.
  • Tap and hold on a stitch number on the side to insert or delete columns or rows.
  • Tap and hold on tools for the description.

As you can see tap and hold is my (and your) new BFF. I see it as a touch device alternative for the right CLICK 😌.

What's New

What’s New v6.0.2

Fix for working with large patterns and dark lines not showing in grid.

What's New

What’s new v6.0.1

Fix for selecting PDF files outside the app folder on your device.

What's New

What’s New v6.0.0

Lot’s of new features and changes!

  • Projects are now save as files, move them to iCloud for easy access and syncing.
  • Place images as graphics in your charts
  • Convert your full canvas to a color chart by selecting ‘Canvas To Color Chart’ in more options
  • PDF files include draggable rulers and optional highlights to mark your progress
  • New Panels for the legend and row counters, minimise themn for optimal use of screen space