What version am I using?

Go to settings on the main screen > Check the title bar.
To check if you have the latest version follow this link.

I can't find my projects in the new version

If your projects were automatically converted from an older version (before 6.0.0). Make sure you’re in the right folder: On My iPad/Knitting Chart/My Projects. Use the search bar and enter ‘My Projects’.
My Projects folder

You can always convert your projects again using: settings on main screen > 'Archived Projects'.

How do I find all my project files?

On the main screen type 'Knitting Chart' in the search bar. Then select the grey 'Knitting Chart Document' button that appears.

I can’t find a help section?

You can show info about the tools by selecting more options and selecting ‘Show Tool Tips’. Visit the YouTube Channel for tutorials.

I don’t see a new file or settings button on the main screen?

Make sure you’re inside a location like ‘iCloud Drive’ or ‘On My iPad’.

I want to set a cover image for my project file

First add an image using the chart settings (button top left).
Then tap and hold on a photo to set it as the cover photo.screenshot

I want to rename my project file

Tap and hold on a file for more options.

How can I see the difference between files?

Knitting Chart files always have an icon at the bottom left.
If you want to know what kind of file something is, tap and hold on it and select 'Info'.

Will the app teach me how to design knitting charts?


Is there an Android version? Or is it coming?


I would like a desktop version

Working on it!

Can I convert written out version to a graphic chart?


I want to add an extra counter

Tap and hold on an existing counter for more options like add, delete and  colour.

Drawing Charts

Can I convert my drawn charts to a written out version?

You can convert square charts to written instructions.
Go to more options > 'Written Instructions'.

Can I add columns or rows in the middle of my chart?

Go to the chart settings to add rows & columns at any position. Or tap and hold on a column or row number to insert or delete one.

How can I move the chart when I’m zoomed in?

Use two fingers to move the chart around when zoomed in.

I’m missing a symbol I want to use in my chart, how do I add it?

Please send a request to help@knitting-chart.com, and I’m happy to add it to the default collection.

Can I add my own symbols?


Can I create my own colors?

Yes, first select the background or symbol color tool (bottom left). Use the palette button at the top to create your own.


I can’t find the cable & crochet symbols

Select the stitch symbol tool (bottom left) and select ‘Show All’.

I want to swap the colors or symbols I used in my chart

Open the legend panel , select ‘Used’ at the top. Tap and hold on a symbol to change all occurrences.


I want to only select the symbols shown in my tools so I don’t have to scroll & search all the time

Open the legend of your chart , select ‘All’ and create a selection of symbols . Tap the favourite button when you're finished to save your selection.

You can also minimise the legend panel by dragging it to the edge of your screen.

I can’t find the extra tools to edit an object (line, box, arrow, text)

First select the object with the object selection tool.

How do I move or delete an object (line, box, arrow, text)?

Use the object selection tool to select objects.

How do I save my work?

Your changes are save automatically. When there're unsaved changes an asterisk will be shown in the title bar. You can always force a save by selection more options > 'Save Now'.

How do I use the Designs Library?

To add a new design: Draw a selection around cells and select the designs library button .
To use a design: Open the library by selecting more options > 'Designs Library'. When you select a design it’s copied to your pasteboard, select paste to finish.

I want to draw a round crochet pattern

Select ‘Freeform Chart’ in the add new panel to draw round crochet patterns.

I want to draw bigger charts than 200×200

Go to settings on the main screen > 'Advanced Settings' > 'Enable Bigger Charts'. For best performance of the application it’s recommended to split larger designs up in multiple charts.

How do I change the color of lines and other objects?

First select the object using the object selection tool.
Then select a color.

Can I change to gauge or stitch dimensions?

Go to settings of your chart > 'Gauge Settings'.

Where's the convert image option?

Since version 6.0.0 converting images to charts works differently:

  1. First create an empty chart
  2. Use the new image tool to place an image
  3. Select 'Canvas To Color Chart' in more options

This video explains how it works.


How do I add another chart to an existing project?

Go to the chart settings and select 'Add To Project'

How do I change the colour description?

Use the text button in the legend panel , select the 'Used' section and edit the 'Additional Info' field on the right.

I can't select cells in my chart

Make sure you're using the right selection tool.

I want to create a chart with an increasing number of columns

First create a chart containing the maximum number of columns you want to use. Then select the 'No Stitch' symbol to draw and hide columns.


How do I print my chart?

Select 'Create Project PDF' in more options , select the share button at the top and select 'Print'.


How do I print a larger version of my chart?

Select more options > ‘Save as Image’. Print the saved file from the Photos app on your device.

I want to change the legend / key

Open the legend panel > 'Used' and use the text button on the top right to edit the description. If you edit the description in the 'All' section, the description will change for all projects and charts.
If you want to hide items, or change the order: Open the settings of your chart .

Can I change the layout of the generated PDF?

No the PDF has a fixed layout.
You can change the order when your project contains multiple charts, edit the legend text, order and visibility. Add info text at the top and added images will show up on the last page.
But everything has a fixed position.

How do I remove the page footer or title?

You can't delete the header or footer of a generated PDF.

How do I save a vector version of my chart?

Go to the chart settings , select 'Project PDF Settings' and toggle on the 'Vector Output' switch.


PDF / Ravelry Files

How do I import a PDF?

Knitting Chart uses the file system on your device, you can select any PDF on your device to create a Knitting Chart file for it. The original will remain unchanged.

Projects created in a version before 6.0.0 are stored in the folder
On My Device/On My iPad/Knitting Chart/My Projects

I want to create a PDF of an image or photo

You can select any image (png or jpg) to turn it into a PDF.
If you want to select an image from your Photo Library, first create a new document > 'Import PDF or Photo' > 'Photo'.

All my notes and counters are gone?

When working with a PDF a new Knitting Chart file is saved which contains your edits. Make sure you’re opening a .kcp file (this always has a logo at the bottom left).
You can check the file type by tapping and holding on a file, and selecting 'Info'.

Where is the reset & previous button in the row counters?

Please update to version 6.0.5 or higher.

I get an error when selecting a PDF file?

Please update to version 6.0.1 or higher.

My changes / edits aren’t saved?

When working with a PDF a new Knitting Chart file is saved which contains your edits. Make sure you’re opening a .kcp file (this always has a logo at the bottom left).

Where are all the tools when working with a PDF?

PDF files use a different set of tools. All tools are only available when you work on a chart you created yourself in Knitting Chart.

I want to change the appearance of the rulers

Tap and hold on a ruler to change the size, color or add a new one.

How do I add a highlight?

Tap and hold anywhere to place a highlight. Tap and hold on a existing highlight to edit the properties.

How do I zoom in or move the pages?

Select the pan tool to be able to zoom in or move the pages.

How do I navigate between pages?

Use the thumbnail tool to show all the pages at the bottom.

I want to scroll through my PDF document

Go to the settings and select "Show Two Pages".
Please note that highlights and rulers only work when showing a singular page.

Working Mode

How do I change the highlight color of the current row?

Use the ‘Chart Settings’ button to select another color.

Multiple Devices

How do I share my projects between devices?

Save or move your files to iCloud, Dropbox or Google Drive to share your files.

Does Knitting Chart automatically sync my projects between devices?

Yes, store your files in the cloud.

Do I have to buy the Pro Version for every device I own?

No, if it doesn’t upgrade automatically go to the ‘Settings’ on the main screen and choose ‘Restore In App Purchase’

Is Family Sharing enabled for the purchase of Pro?


Pro Version

What do I get if I upgrade to the Pro Version?

Create as many charts as you like and all features are unlocked.

Is the Pro Version for iOS a subscription?

No you only pay once for your mobile devices.

I bought the Pro Version but it’s still saying I’m using the Free Version

If you’re sure you completed your purchase, go to settings  on the main screen and tap ‘Restore In App Purchase’

The Pro Version is not activated on my other device

Go to settings on the main screen and tap ‘Restore In App Purchase’.

Does the Pro Version reveal new tools and features?

No, everything is available to see / review in the free version.

I try to upgrade but get a 'not allowed' message

This is an error generated by the system. These steps could fix the issue (not tested):

  1. Close all background applications
  2. Go to Settings > Screen Time
  3. Tap on Content & Privacy Restrictions
  4. Turn on Content & Privacy Restrictions and tap on iTunes & App Store Purchases
  5. Allow In-app Purchases
  6. Restart your device
  7. Try to purchase again


The app crashed and my latest changes are gone

Go to settings on the main screen and select ‘Archived Projects’. Select your project to open this autosave.

I'm getting an error message when I select a file

If you get this error message:
Unable to import document.
The Operation couldn't be completed. (com.apple.DocumentManager error 1.)

This is an error of the device / file system, first try restarting your device. Otherwise these links offer some solutions:

Of course you can always reinstall the app, but make sure your files are in a safe location before deleting it (that means not in the folder 'On My iPad/Knitting Chart). 🤓


  • Tap and hold an a tool for an explanation
  • Tap and hold an a symbol for the description text
  • Tap and hold an a text object to add a bracket for a repeating section
  • Tap and hold on a stitch number on the side to insert or delete a row or column.
  • You can rescale the counter and legend panel, this can be helpful when entering the descriptions, or if you want bigger counters.