Known Issues

  • Known Issues v6.0.9
    • PDF legend overlapping the footer text
    • Unable to delete / insert columns and rows (in chart size settings)
    • Grid lines overlapping cable symbols
  • Known Issues v6.0.8
    • Problem with the app crashing when using undo, or too many undo actions at once
  • Known Issues v6.0.6
    • Unable to edit wrong side description in the ‘Used’ section.
      Fix: Edit text in ‘All’ section
    • Freeform charts are now 2 times bigger, that means your existing charts appear in the top left corner
    • Bottom of save as image chart still cut off in some cases! Grrr
  • Known Issues v6.0.5
    • Save image cuts off bottom section when using larger charts
    • Custom colours look different on multiple devices
    • Contrast Color after conversion ignored when reopening the file
  • Known Issues v6.0.4
    • Colour not updated in chart when editing a custom colour.
    • Some users are experiencing zooming issues on PDF.

  • Known Issues v6.0.3
    • Tap and hold on a textfield doesn’t work if it overlaps stitch numbers. Workaround: Move textfield first.
    • Selected techniques when creating a new chart doesn’t update the tools. Workaround: Go to the chart settings and reselect the correct techniques.
    • Sleeping mode not suspended when working with PDF’s
    • Unable to scroll PDF page thumbnails. Workaround: Change to ‘Show Two Pages’ in the chart settings.
    • Can’t change the description text for used symbols. Workaround: Edit text in ‘All’ tab only.

    It seems that some users accidentally are opening the original PDF files instead of a Knitting Chart file. That way it seems notes and counters are gone. The next update will add a warning when opening something else than a Knitting Chart file.