Known Issues

Known Issues v6.0.3

  • Tap and hold on a textfield doesn’t work if it overlaps stitch numbers. Workaround: Move textfield first.
  • Selected techniques when creating a new chart doesn’t update the tools. Workaround: Go to the chart settings and reselect the correct techniques.
  • Sleeping mode not suspended when working with PDF’s
  • Unable to scroll PDF page thumbnails. Workaround: Change to ‘Show Two Pages’ in the chart settings.
  • Can’t change the description text for used symbols. Workaround: Edit text in ‘All’ tab only.

It seems that some users accidentally are opening the original PDF files instead of a Knitting Chart file. That way it seems notes and counters are gone. The next update will add a warning when opening something else than a Knitting Chart file.

By Piet

I'm Piet and the developer of Knitting Chart. It started out as a small app for myself to keep track of double sided fair isle knitting. After a few years it grew out to be what it is today!