What's New

What’s New v6.2.6

  • Use Siri to interact with the Working Mode! Want to keep your hands free while knitting? Use Siri to go to the next row or to reset the counter.
  • Add commands using the main app settings


  • Open files from other locations (like Safari)
  • Crash on close due to forcing > 0 row counters
  • Siri request authorization later
  • Show Siri button only once
Known Issues

Know Issues v6.2.4

  • PDF not opening when selecting at another location (e.g. Safari)
  • Crash after viewing example
What's New

What’s New v6.2.4


  • Autorestore of In App Purchase
  • Rotation fix for some vector symbols
  • Added Siri shortcuts donations for Working Mode
What's New

What’s New v6.2.2

  • C2C crochet toggle off colored text
  • Written instructions background for dark text in dark mode
  • Fix for empty images after duplicating a chart
  • Automatic conversion from PDF image selection to color chart only once
  • After PDF cut out select convert or place image
  • When drawing with ‘No Stitch’ set only background color


  • New version update alert don’t open store window in app itself
  • Left handed grouped by two row number lines
  • Fix for crash with multiple charts editing settings (removed PDF observer)
  • Start row number up to 999
What's New

What’s New v6.2.1

  • Fix for overlapping intro PDF text
  • Fix for PDF rulers resetting
  • Fix for app restarting after closing down iPad
  • Edit default colors for non-mirrored double sided in advanced settings
Known Issues

Known Issues v6.2.0

  • Sometimes intro text overlapping in PDF
  • In some cases the PDF rulers are resetting to the top left
  • App restarts after iPad shuts down
What's New

What’s New v6.2.0

  • Draw a selection on a PDF to save it as an image or to convert it to an interactive color chart
  • Tap and hold on grouped lines in freeform charts to turn in into a symbol
  • Non-mirrored double sided charts, create the front and back design and the combined chart will automatically be generated
  • When converting you can also choose to use the image colors, instead of the color palette
  • Hide stitch numbers
  • Show column numbers at the bottom


  • Row / column numbers not updating when creating a new chart
  • User legend text for empty cells not showing in written instructions
  • Duplicated chart not saved unless changed
  • Stitch numbering one identifier in document
  • Rulers reset position if outside of page
What's New

What’s new v6.1.0

  • Quick fix for overlapping PDF legend text in PDF

Known Issues

Known Issues v6.1.0

  • Wrong side text overlapping in PDF legend
What's New

What’s New v6.1.0

  • When placing images choose from photo library or files
  • Tap and hold on a created color to set the name
  • More options for your generated PDF layout
  • Add copyright text to your generated PDF
  • Add notes underneath images in your generated PDF
  • Add empty PDF pages and place images or add text


  • Fix for gridlines not updating with cable symbols
  • Fix for unable to delete / insert rows and columns
  • Fix for restoring crashed PDF files (edited in version 6.1.0 or newer)
  • Fix for created PDF legend overlapping the footer
  • Fix for multiple PDF project thumbnails layout
  • Delete PDF from project hide thumbnails panel
  • PDF cover image removed option (create extra page)
  • Drag symbol out of group with select move tool
  • Written instructions removed unnecessary text selection options from system balloon