What's New

What’s New v6.2.0

  • Draw a selection on a PDF to save it as an image or to convert it to an interactive color chart
  • Tap and hold on grouped lines in freeform charts to turn in into a symbol
  • Non-mirrored double sided charts, create the front and back design and the combined chart will automatically be generated
  • When converting you can also choose to use the image colors, instead of the color palette
  • Hide stitch numbers
  • Show column numbers at the bottom


  • Row / column numbers not updating when creating a new chart
  • User legend text for empty cells not showing in written instructions
  • Duplicated chart not saved unless changed
  • Stitch numbering one identifier in document
  • Rulers reset position if outside of page
What's New

What’s new v6.1.0

  • Quick fix for overlapping PDF legend text in PDF

Known Issues

Known Issues v6.1.0

  • Wrong side text overlapping in PDF legend
What's New

What’s New v6.1.0

  • When placing images choose from photo library or files
  • Tap and hold on a created color to set the name
  • More options for your generated PDF layout
  • Add copyright text to your generated PDF
  • Add notes underneath images in your generated PDF
  • Add empty PDF pages and place images or add text


  • Fix for gridlines not updating with cable symbols
  • Fix for unable to delete / insert rows and columns
  • Fix for restoring crashed PDF files (edited in version 6.1.0 or newer)
  • Fix for created PDF legend overlapping the footer
  • Fix for multiple PDF project thumbnails layout
  • Delete PDF from project hide thumbnails panel
  • PDF cover image removed option (create extra page)
  • Drag symbol out of group with select move tool
  • Written instructions removed unnecessary text selection options from system balloon
Known Issues

Known Issues v6.0.9

  • PDF legend overlapping the footer text
  • Unable to delete / insert columns and rows (in chart size settings)
  • Grid lines overlapping cable symbols
What's New

What’s New v6.0.9


  • Quick fix for errors saving to database, and issues with undo / redo.
  • Visual update of buttons after purchase of pro
  • Freeform scale slider initial scale on start drag
  • Move chart with move select tool also moves selection fix
Known Issues

Known Issues v6.0.8

  • Problem with the app crashing when using undo, or too many undo actions at once
What's New

What’s New v6.0.8

  • Add as many files to a PDF as you like
  • Use your camera to create a PDF from a book or magazine
  • Change the line weight for shapes (circles, lines etc)

Technical Fixes:

  • Freeform charts move symbols to new canvas center
  • PDF from image now uses full image size
  • Retain scale when changing number in a freeform group 
  • Better reset zoom for freeform charts
  • Launch screen image
  • Improved Working Mode toggle
  • Remember legend view setting
  • New symbols list header
  • Always all symbols visible
  • Fix for freeform save as image cropped area
  • Fix for multiple row counters scale to fit
  • Fix for title of generated PDF with multiple charts
What's New

What’s New v6.0.7

  • Fix for bottom of save as image cut off
  • Fix for unable to delete chart image
  • Adjustment for freeform charts initial zoom (appeared empty because they are now twice as big and showing top left of canvas)
  • Family Sharing for In App Purchase


  • Fix keyboard overlap input text balloon
  • Counters panel breaking constraints
  • Fade interface on close
  • Resize file thumbnail to 1024 max
  • Resize photos in chart settings smaller
Known Issues

Known Issues v6.0.6

  • Unable to edit wrong side description in the ‘Used’ section.
    Fix: Edit text in ‘All’ section
  • Freeform charts are now 2 times bigger, that means your existing charts appear in the top left corner
  • Bottom of save as image chart still cut off in some cases! Grrr