What's New

What’s New v6.0.7

  • Fix for bottom of save as image cut off
  • Fix for unable to delete chart image
  • Adjustment for freeform charts initial zoom (appeared empty because they are now twice as big and showing top left of canvas)
  • Family Sharing for In App Purchase


  • Fix keyboard overlap input text balloon
  • Counters panel breaking constraints
  • Fade interface on close
  • Resize file thumbnail to 1024 max
  • Resize photos in chart settings smaller
Known Issues

Known Issues v6.0.6

  • Unable to edit wrong side description in the ‘Used’ section.
    Fix: Edit text in ‘All’ section
  • Freeform charts are now 2 times bigger, that means your existing charts appear in the top left corner
  • Bottom of save as image chart still cut off in some cases! Grrr
What's New

What’s New v6.0.6

  • Fix for ignored palette colors after converting an image.
  • Fix for clipped images of charts
  • Freeform more rounds on startup
  • Freeform canvas 2 time bigger, scale your guides and symbols down if you need even more space
  • Fix for ‘ghost’ image objects not properly deleted (increased filesize)
  • Convert an image directly by selecting it in the files overview.
Known Issues

Known Issues v6.0.5

  • Save image cuts off bottom section when using larger charts
  • Custom colours look different on multiple devices
  • Contrast Color after conversion ignored when reopening the file
What's New

What’s New v6.0.5

  • They’re back! Super pretty reset & previous buttons in your counters!
  • Better response to zooming on a PDF
  • Updating the chart cells after editing a custom colour
  • Bigger canvas for freeform chart.
Known Issues

Known Issues v6.0.4

  • Colour not updated in chart when editing a custom colour.
  • Some users are experiencing zooming issues on PDF.

What's New

What’s New v6.0.4

  • Improvements for color matching when converting an image
  • Extra knit symbols, the complete set of craft yarn council is now available
  • Lock your charts or PDF files to prevent unwanted changes
  • Fix for selected technique not saved after creating a new file
  • Fix for changing additional info text of symbols
  • Fix for tap and hold on textfield at bottom of chart
  • Fix for scrolling PDF thumbnails
  • Removed is loading text from freeform charts
  • Newly created and archived projects contain all charts
  • Updated feedback form with option for attachment
  • Swipe left on a archived project for detailed data info

Known Issues

Known Issues v6.0.3

  • Tap and hold on a textfield doesn’t work if it overlaps stitch numbers. Workaround: Move textfield first.
  • Selected techniques when creating a new chart doesn’t update the tools. Workaround: Go to the chart settings and reselect the correct techniques.
  • Sleeping mode not suspended when working with PDF’s
  • Unable to scroll PDF page thumbnails. Workaround: Change to ‘Show Two Pages’ in the chart settings.
  • Can’t change the description text for used symbols. Workaround: Edit text in ‘All’ tab only.

It seems that some users accidentally are opening the original PDF files instead of a Knitting Chart file. That way it seems notes and counters are gone. The next update will add a warning when opening something else than a Knitting Chart file.

What's New

What’s new v6.0.3

Some features were added before, but there were so many (bigger) changes I’ll highlight them for this version:

  • Place symbols aligned on a square on line (freeform charts). Tap and hold on a existing group to edit the number of symbols, or the symbol used for the group.
  • Tap and hold on a text field to add a bracket (to mark a repeating section in your chart).
  • Tap and hold on a cell selection to swap colors and symbols.
  • Tap and hold on a stitch number on the side to insert or delete columns or rows.
  • Tap and hold on tools for the description.

As you can see tap and hold is my (and your) new BFF. I see it as a touch device alternative for the right CLICK 😌.

What's New

What’s New v6.0.2

Fix for working with large patterns and dark lines not showing in grid.