What's New

What’s new v6.0.3

Some features were added before, but there were so many (bigger) changes I’ll highlight them for this version:

  • Place symbols aligned on a square on line (freeform charts). Tap and hold on a existing group to edit the number of symbols, or the symbol used for the group.
  • Tap and hold on a text field to add a bracket (to mark a repeating section in your chart).
  • Tap and hold on a cell selection to swap colors and symbols.
  • Tap and hold on a stitch number on the side to insert or delete columns or rows.
  • Tap and hold on tools for the description.

As you can see tap and hold is my (and your) new BFF. I see it as a touch device alternative for the right CLICK 😌.

By Piet

I'm Piet and the developer of Knitting Chart. It started out as a small app for myself to keep track of double sided fair isle knitting. After a few years it grew out to be what it is today!