What's New

What’s New v6.0.8

  • Add as many files to a PDF as you like
  • Use your camera to create a PDF from a book or magazine
  • Change the line weight for shapes (circles, lines etc)

Technical Fixes:

  • Freeform charts move symbols to new canvas center
  • PDF from image now uses full image size
  • Retain scale when changing number in a freeform group 
  • Better reset zoom for freeform charts
  • Launch screen image
  • Improved Working Mode toggle
  • Remember legend view setting
  • New symbols list header
  • Always all symbols visible
  • Fix for freeform save as image cropped area
  • Fix for multiple row counters scale to fit
  • Fix for title of generated PDF with multiple charts

By Piet

I'm Piet and the developer of Knitting Chart. It started out as a small app for myself to keep track of double sided fair isle knitting. After a few years it grew out to be what it is today!