What's New

What’s New v6.2.0

  • Draw a selection on a PDF to save it as an image or to convert it to an interactive color chart
  • Tap and hold on grouped lines in freeform charts to turn in into a symbol
  • Non-mirrored double sided charts, create the front and back design and the combined chart will automatically be generated
  • When converting you can also choose to use the image colors, instead of the color palette
  • Hide stitch numbers
  • Show column numbers at the bottom


  • Row / column numbers not updating when creating a new chart
  • User legend text for empty cells not showing in written instructions
  • Duplicated chart not saved unless changed
  • Stitch numbering one identifier in document
  • Rulers reset position if outside of page

By Piet

I'm Piet and the developer of Knitting Chart. It started out as a small app for myself to keep track of double sided fair isle knitting. After a few years it grew out to be what it is today!